Any Dance is a band of four young lads somewhere in between indie-rock and postpunkwavepop. Somewhere in between the Manchester of the early 80's and the Hamburg of today with its new German indie-rock-school. The band's shows appear as a merger between New Order and those indie-rock bands of the 2000s - danceable, sweaty, maverick, yet kind of familiar. Refreshingly exciting. Gentle coolness is the name of the game. Guitar- and synthesizer-sounds take you by the hand and make you dance to the running beats of the drums and the bass. Any Dance create a catchy atmosphere sprinkled by a compulsion to dance during their live shows.

"Great Sound!"
Oslo Indie Office (Norway)
"Their mixture of Britpop and Indierock created a boiling atmosphere in the Black Raven club!"
Lausitzer Rundschau (Hoyerswerda, Germany)

In June 2013, four months after the band was founded, the band was already delighted to play the Dresden Campus festival, sharing the line-up with German heroes Madsen and Egotronic. In the same month, Any Dance had their first radio airplay, having their song "Escape to Fulham" featured in Berlin based radio show Fritz Unsigned. Any Dance's music soon made its way into Berlin's independent scene, having three of the songs featured as the soundtrack of a short movie named "Es läuft" produced by Berlin's independent actors group AK Hubert Berlin. Dresden based indie dj Dj-Mauf recognized the danceable rythms of Any Dance and made them club music. Any Dance was featured on the radio, in the cinema and in the club. But they still feel the most comfortable on stage!

Any Dance is:

Konrad - Vocals, Synthesizer
Torsten - Guitar, Vocals
Joe - Drums, Vocals
Chris - Bass